Children that Hate Toys

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hey, guitar freaks... are you prepared for another insane legato lick? this time around, i've transcribed a lick from an instrumental called 'children that hate toys.'

this lick is based on an E7 flat 5 arpeggio played in an ascending sequence of 12's. when played quickly, this lick seems to blur... (this is due to all the repeating notes played in rapid succession)

Here are some notes for execution:

I TUNE DOWN a 1/2 step (to Eb)
none of the notes in this lick are picked.
every note will be hammered with the left hand 1st and 3rd fingers
or the right hand 2nd and 3rd fingers (indicated in the tab by a T)...
the idea is really quite simple--- you should get the hang of it in no time...
but remember-- practice SLOWLY and increase speed GRADUALLY.

full-speed half-speed

until next time,
derek taylor

you can download an MP3 of 'children that hate toys' or get info on learning more over the top legato techniques by visiting EXTREME LEGATO CHOPS