Mercury Bath

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Greetings, guitar-kin. This is Derek Taylor. First of all, I would like to thank Chops from Hell for inviting me to share some of the licks, concepts, and techniques that I have studied and developed over the years. The lick I will be showing today is from Mercury Bath, an instrumental that appears on the Shrapnel Records compilation, Ominous Guitarists from the Unknown. I have had numerous requests to transcribe this lick so here it is:

This lick is derived from the B minor pentatonic scale. It is a good example of how strong left hand technique, string skipping, and right hand tapping can be combined to produce a fluid, hyper warp-speed musical passage.

Here are some notes for execution:

S : slide
T2 : tap with right hand 2nd finger
T3 : tap with right hand 3rd finger
most notes are hammered/pulled or tapped
when changing strings ascending : PICK
when changing strings descending : HAMMER-ON
as with all licks, practice SLOWLY--and build speed gradually...

full-speed half-speed

"Mercury Bath" published by Varney Metal Music Co.,BMI.
(p)(c)1991 Shrapnel Records,Inc.