fooling around

TT3. This turn, let's take a look at how it's possible to use harmonics to come up with a melodic riff. The following examples are similar to what I've heard Jake E. Lee play on "Fool Like You" on Ozzy's Ultimate Sin disc. Jake's one of my many fav's. His solo disc, A Fine Pink Mist just kills. Check it out if you can. At any rate, there are many examples of players using harmonics in this way, but this one just came to mind. Plus it uses third fret harmonics which can be a bit difficult to execute for the un-initiated. Just remember that the technique requires placing the finger directly above the fretwire itself, with a very light touch, not really pressing down on the string, and releasing as soon as the note is picked. Takes a bit of practice at first. Of course, you can get harmonics all over the place, not just directly over the frets, so experiment. All notes in the following tab are harmonics so I neglected to indicate them as such. You get the idea...

Same idea for example 2. Change the last note.