Pick Lazy

Hi folks!

Today, for all you pick-lazy, I'm gonna show 3 fairly simple tapping licks . There's absolutely no use of holding a pick : happy ? ;-) the gear used here is still an IBANEZ RG2027 7-strings (tuned a half step down) , straight through a POD LINE 6.

The first lick involves a little position shift (A mixolydian). As always, begin slowly, then speed it up. Keep an eye (or an ear) on cleanliness. Use your right hand palm to dampen strings.

normal slow

The second one (D Major) doesn't show any particular difficulty. As ever, work on it slowly with a metronome, avoiding string noise.

The last one is the big one: this string skipping stuff is a bit tricky ! I personally use my first and middle finger successively, to tap with more convenience. Of course, that doesn't mean you should do the same: you can use one finger exclusively. Be careful about cleanliness, and don't play it fast unless you can play it slowly and accurately.

Well, that's all for today. If you have any question or comment, please mail me at:

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See ya!

the following bio material provided by Davy Ho Thong

AKA dmetal, Davy Ho Thong was born near Paris, France, on July 7,1979. His first musical instrument was air guitar, which he incessantly played in front of his mirror. Following his mom's advice, he began studying wood guitar with private teachers for a while,then decided to continue on his own.A self confessed technique freak, Davy was a demonstrator at the French Music Exposition, and is now a happy IBANEZ endorsee.

Still practicing his chops like mad, DD only swears by his masters: J.Petrucci, S.Vai, E.Johnson, P.Gilbert, R.Thal, and M.Romeo. He leads InDescent, his prog-metal metal band, influenced by DREAM THEATER, VANDEN PLAS, SYMPHONY X, and is currently looking for a record deal. You can check out the band on their website at :