Chromatic Swirl

The lick I want to show you today is basically a chromatic one which is shifted up a half step every section. The notes decend while the whole pattern is ascending. Combined with some speed it creates a swirl effect which could scare someone or make him throw up. In this case played over a E minor progression but try to throw it in wherever you like - maybe on the next blues jam to loosen things up a bit. As it is chromatic and used more like a sound effect you don`t really have to care what key you are in, just play it as clean as possible!

The tapped notes are played with the edge of the pick. I do this for two reasons:
1. the sound has more attack and is clearer compared to when tapped with i. e. the index finger.
2. it is hard to squeeze the right hand finger besides the other four left hand fingers, especially in the upper frets.

To practice this monster break it down to one string at a time first and then combine them or maybe come up with your own variations. But keep it chromatic for at least 70% of the lick to gain the effect. Keep it played fluently at slower speeds and then slowly accelerate. Keep your fingers as close to the fretboard as possible cause that`s where you need them.

Don`t forget to have fun and don't blame me if your cat gets sick...


the following bio material provided by Sven Stichter

Sven Stichter was born (1974) and raised in Germany and started to play guitar at age 13. At age 17 he successfully absolved his studies at the American Institude of Music - A.I.M. After having played basically rock and metal he started to grow interest in a larger diversity of styles like pop,country, hip and triphop without loosing focus on the essentials of being a good gitarrist and performer. Tone, musicality, technical ability and a good comercial ear combined with his personal magic made him a well booked musician in a lot of different categories.

With his rockband "Ünlü" he had a number 1 and several top ten hits in turkey, recorded a german R`n`B chartalbum, has played several tv/radio jingles as well as samples for musicsoftware and sample cd`s. During the years he had the chance to record and perform with a lot of excellent musicians like german drummer Ralph Gustke (Chaka Kahn, Xavier Naidoo...), Billy Liesegang (Trevor Horn, Seal, John Wetton, ....), Luis Conte (James Taylor, Madonna, ...).

Currently Sven is playing with different respected house and hiphop djs in the Stuttgart area, is working on his solo album and contributes his ideas and playing for a house album and a retro-soul cd. Liquid Note Records will release one of his tracks on "The Alchimists II".