Dissecting Frankenstein

We're thrilled to have Doug involved with CFH...check back for more information on Doug's upcoming instructional Chops from Hell CD Rom release!

Hello there!!! It has been a LONG time since I've done any new columns and I apologize for that!! It's been a crazy year. Since the last columns (oops 101) I have signed on to the wonderful label Progressive Arts Music and will be releasing a new CD this May. In light of that, y'all get a little bit of a sneak peak into some of he licks going on the new record. Here we go…

Last October I talked Scott Stine into recording his and Derek Taylor's old arrangement of the Edgar Winter tune 'Frankenstein'. We did change it up a bit from there old version like keeping the Sax solo intact like the original (Just on guitar) and taking out the old sextuplets on top of sextuplets licks (hence making it more 2004 shred than 1989 shred…No, nothing wrong with 1989 shred!! Just time for a change.). The licks below you can say "thank you" to Scott for!! This was his baby, we just recorded it together for my disc (I owe you Scott!). I thought I would share it with you because they are some fun licks and a mighty scary tune!! My next two columns will dissect a couple other songs going on my new CD, including some creepy two handed string skipping licks using a whole 6 fingers per string!! Stay tuned and enjoy!!

P.S - The players on "Frankenstein" are Scott Stine and I on guitars, Kyle Honea on Bass, and Scott Weltner on Drums. They are the coolest…and some mighty scary players too!!

P.S.S - This is just my side of the licks, Scott obviously does a harmony to it.


Doug Stapp
Record label: Progressive Arts Music