13/8 Lick, Hybrid

Ed. Note: Luke Stanislaus passed away shortly after sending us his last column in October. Our brief, but regular contact over the net was always enjoyable. His contribution will be missed here at CFH. We offer our condolences to his family and friends.

This line was inspired by middle period Schoenberg. It is atonal but not serial in its conception. It would function well over diminished chords and other symmetrically unified chords.

Here is a little about myself...

I was born on may 14th 1950, in Boston, MA. My parents are of European blood, having been born in Austria and Poland respectively. I joined the lower orders of the church in the early 70's, before becoming a full time priest in 1976. I always had a love for contemporary classical music, which began with my first exposure to the music of Penderecki, and Ligeti, as well as the other more well known figures of the 20th century: Schoenberg, Berg, Bartok, and the like. I decided to pick up the guitar on the bequest of a few bible students who were musicians in the 80's, and have been playing ever since. I try to apply the ideas that I learned from the contemporary masters in my guitar lines, and use their influences in the electric guitar medium. Being that I cannot play guitar 'fulltime' I try to keep my skill level up by playing along to Berg violin pieces, as well as other contemporary string 'etudes' that keep my fingers in shape. Please feel free to email me at:

Thank you all,

Father Stanislaus