Terry Schott ( St. Louis, MO ) 48
I have been Playing percussion & drums since I was 10 only taking lesson’s for about 3 months. Learning mostly by playing in Jr. High and High School bands, And then moving on to the local rock band scene…and and recently playing at Powell Symphony Hall with the Compton Heights Concert Band. I am currently working on various studio projects in his home studio with one being with a new guitar virtuoso Eric Stadler. My drum set are 1960s Buddy Rich (slingerland) 2002s Pearl Forum and 2005 Tamma Rock Star.. I have videos and pics on

I would like to start a interactive column with any questions that you the reader might have and then I will write something that might be of interest... I have been most recently building and setting up my own studio to record drums / bands and add tracks for people to their songs, in person and also with tracks over the internet. This approach has so far been exciting and fun with getting to meet people all over the GLOBE and collaborating on projects... So if anyone wants more info on percussion from reading *, writing *,rudiments *, to recording *.................
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or visit: - Pics and Video on site!

Thanks and The Beat Keeps going On and ON
Terry J. Schott
St. Louis, MO