Outside-Inside Picking Ideas

Hello and welcome to some crazy picking. In this lesson we'll discuss the picking technique called Outside-Inside Picking. It's actually quite simple,

Let's take a look a Example 1. It's a group of 5 notes descending and ascending. The first note is picked with an upstroke and then followed with 2 pull offs. After that, it's back to basic alternate picking with down up and so fourth. As you can see, it will come out just perfectly.

Ok, let's move to Example 2. I have added an extra 3 notes to give it a little extra. It sounds really cool and fluent. As you can see, I am adding only 1 upstroke to the additional 3 notes and then 2 pull offs. I love this one!

Example 3:

Alright, next step is to combine Example 1 and 2 and you get a little twisted lick. Have a look and listen.

Example 4:

Ready for more? OK, here we go. This one is a nice little string skipping lick, utilizing example 1. This is one of the typical applications for the Outside-inside Picking technique. It's a Pentatonic/ Chromatic Shape. Not very musical, but definitely a good work-out. Try to come up with your own ideas, using this technique.

Ok, last example for this lesson. This example uses the picking idea in Example 2. It is a D major ascending 2 string scale run. It's really cool and has a very liquid sound. Play it slow and make sure that you got all the right notes. Remember : Speed is a byproduct of accuracy.

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