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Hi, I am Sebastian Salinas from Argentina, and thanks for checking out my first column. I've played electric guitar for 6 years and also have studied classical guitar for 5 years. My main influences are: Shawn Lane, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, Al DiMeola, Alan Holdsworth, Sir Jason Becker, Michael Angelo, Rusty Cooley, Joe Stump, George Bellas, Michael Romeo...and many more incredible players. I wanna show some licks I've written, the first exercise is a sextuplet run in E minor with rhythmic displacement in the style of the late great monster player from Memphis Shawn Lane. It sounds a little bit unusual because that rhythmic displacement, played with strict alternate picking. The second exercise is fives also in the style of Shawn Lane, but this time using E harmonic minor thats gives it an Yngwie flavour, and remember also strict alternate picking. Well, thanks again and remember to play slowly first with your metronome and then increase speed. Please contact me to send me your opinions or talk about music and guitar Hopefully I can put more of my licks and lesson here, and see ya in hell... in Chops From Hell.

the following bio material provided by Sebastian Salinas

I was born on 22 March of 1983 in Cordoba, Argentina and started to play guitar at age 16. I studied classical guitar and electric guitar on my own with books, cd roms, and scores. My guitar influences right now are: Shawn Lane, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo, Alan Holdsworth, Al DiMeola, Greg Howe, Randy Rhoads, Scott Henderson, George Bellas, Michael Romeo, Rusty Cooley, Tom Hess, Ritchie Blackmore, Tony MacAlpine, Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore. I play in a band of heavy metal with influences of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Yngwie, Rhapsody, Angra, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Rush, Cacophony. My goals are to become the best guitarist and musician I can be. For that I'm in a period of heavy practicing and also studying music theory everyday. My favourite players keep me inspired to practice and study, as well as reading the columns by all the monster players here at Chops From Hell.

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