The Absolute Whole-tone Truth…Part III

Here we are again, same scales, way harder lick— and finally we have some harmony. For the final example, we will be playing a lick derived from both versions of a whole- tone scale, which includes some chromatic tri-tone harmonies, mirror-imaging, and a final cadence which harmonizes a whole-tone scale with major arpeggios—the latter being a lesson in itself, so make note that unique modulations and cadences are made possible by triadic harmonization of a whole tone scale. As a matter of fact, we almost come to a rest in the relative safety of a plain old E major chord, but alas we give way to a chord built of all six tones from the B flat whole-tone scale from The Whole-tone truth…Part I:

Well, after three lessons we have definitely familiarized ourselves with the utility of the scalar patterns that can be derived from whole-tone patterns, however, we haven't even touched the surface of the myriad of ways we can harmonize them. When writing with these scales, keep dominant and altered dominant chords in mind, harmonization with minor and of course major chords, chords that seem unrelated to the scale—after all these are not diatonic sounds in the first place so it is easier to rationalize dissonance when creating with them, and in my opinion you can juxtapose other non-diatonic forms in unison with whole-tone to great effect for the same reason. It is a very open slate, so experiment without prejudice. I'll be going into whole tone, diminished scales, and 12 tone in harmony together on my video, all of which I have composed with in The Fractured Dimension. I will also be clarifying and demonstrating much of the three whole-tone lessons from this site on the video, which I hope to release in 2007. Thanks for taking the time to study with me, and I'll catch you all next time.

the following bio material provided by Jimmy Pitts

Jimmy Pitts has performed and/or composed for Scholomance, Super String Theory, and Spastic Ink, among many other bands and projects. Currently, he is a member of The Fractured Dimension and S.K. Krow, and recently scored an interactive dvd-rom entitled Darkstar. His immediate plans also include an instructional video focusing on complex rhythmic and theoretical ideas, as applied to modern progressive music, which should see the light of day in mid-late 2007.