Tap Monster

I'm very pleased to have Marc Pattison as guest columnist at the site. Marc's playing has been a huge inspiration for me. Be sure to check out Marc's new instructional CD Extra release "Tap Monster: Level One"!

The first note of each phrase is plucked with the right hand, just like in most of my "tap monster" licks. Tune to Eb...

normal medium slow

the following bio material from

I live in Northern California. I moved here in 1986 from a small town in Michigan. I moved out here with a friend so that I might hook up with musicians and form a band. I have been playing guitar for almost 19 years now. I started playing because I loved the way the Young brothers (AC/DC) played guitar. I eventually started liking groups like Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Judas Priest, The Scorpions, Whitesnake, Dokken, Dio, Ozzy, Sabbath etc. That stuff influenced me for most of my teen years. Now I like many different types of music, from the blues, to industrial, funk, classical, r&b and pop.

Just as I was about to graduate from high school both Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani came onto the scene and made me re-evaluate my pursuit for technical expertise. In the long run, after learning many fast licks realized that soul and conviction and phrasing make up most of what people like to hear and fast playing is just like salt and pepper, and is often only needed in just the right dose.

People have asked me what I like to listen to now...and who my favorite band is. I would have to say the band I like the most is King's X. I like clever licks, beatlesque vocal harmonies, and soulful guitar solos, and that is King's X in a nut shell .

I like some heavy bands as Pantera, Seven Dust, Meshuga and Fear Factory. Other instrumentalists I like include, Michael Lee Firkins, Ron Thal (just recently.), Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Paul Gilbert, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and more recently Neil Zaza. They aren't the only guitarists I like, but they are definitely on the top of my list. Anyway as far as what I do musically now:

I used to play with my band Picture This (vocal project) and have my instrumental side project, on which I play all instruments. But now my instrumental stuff is my main project. Check out my page if you want to hear some of my stuff.

For Any guitarists who are interested I use: Ibanez and Jackson electric Guitars (No official endorsement) I do however officially endorse: Sabine Tuners, Dean Markley Strings, Morley Wah pedals.

String Gauge: .011's for Drop tuning and .010's for regular tuning (1/2 step flat), Fender and Washburn Acoustic guitars (No official endorsement), Ada MP2 preamp, Line6 Combo's, Schecter 7 string, Alesis Quadraverb 2, Dimarzio PAF pro pickups.