"Angel" Pt. 2: Tapping All Over The Neck

Hi everyone,
Here's the whole lick of the bridge section from the song Angel.
We saw the two first bars on the Angel pt1 column so our exercise really begins bar 3. This is almost a two hands tapping lick: your right hand (sorry for the left-handed guys that read this: I meant the picking hand...) will use two fingers to tap on the fretboard. Personally I use the third and the middle fingers.
It will also be better if you have something to mute your strings. The string dampeners are quite expensive, so just wrap a piece of cloth round the end of the neck with an elastic (but not too much because at the end of the lick there are some open strings to play).
Hope you'll have fun learning this one!

The chords indicated are related to the notes played by the bass guitar.
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