Jonathan Orriols


Hi, my name is Jonathan Orriols and I play guitar. My influences range from old school thrash, to prog rock, to hardcore, to jazz, and basically anything that catches my ear. However, my main guitar influences are guys such as John Petrucci, Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, Santiago Dobles, Steve Vai, and many others.

Now, I've come to notice that some shredders really don't stress flow in their faster runs. In this lesson I will give a couple of examples and talk about how I use them in my solos.

For this first example, we have a run based in the key of D major/B minor. Now for those of you who haven't already noticed: yes, the frets are those of the key of G major. However, I tune down a fourth, so that's why it's like that. Anyway, notice there isn't a lot of picking in this, legato can make a huge difference when you're going for a nice flow. Believe me, I love picking almost everything, but when you want something to sound smooth, try to ease up on the picking and use the legato.

Now for this next example, we have a simple 3 note per string minor shape. The reason I chose this was to show that everything doesn't have to be straight up and down, or ascending/descending in groups of 3's and so forth. You can really get stupid with your patterns and stay in that shape, of course you'd still want to get outside the box like the previous video, but just to demonstrate:

I'll be releasing my solo stuff soon, so if you're interested in a copy, email me at