Shred From The Shire!


Here we have a combination of the D major and D major #5 or jazz major the D major scale starting on F# at 14th fret on the E (1st) string. In this example we take a common 3 note per string major scale pattern but play a string sequence instead of the usual consecutive note sequence...that is you play E string to B string, B string to G string, G string to D string etc...Then work your way back up. Watch out for the Bb (#5, b13) note on the 1st and 2nd beat of the 2nd bar...there are lots of string combinations in which to base your string sequencing ideas! Use strict alternate picking!!


Again in this example I use the D major scale.
I've taken some basic major triad sweep shapes and spiced them up a bit by adding extention notes taken from the D major scale. The added notes are 4 note per string hammer on/pull off phrases on the E (1st ) string with slides to connect to the next group of notes. Work your way through these notes nice and smooth, and once again stay relaxed as it is the best way to execute legato...


This one is a repetitive, Locrian, legato, modal goes from B to Bb to A then back again, Typical of my favorite guitarist Allan Holdsworth. I've added heavy palm muting to give it a metal edge. Usually these kind of ideas are used to connect various scale positions and key changes across the neck.


Here is a snippet of my version of the Entertainer, inspired by Stanley Jordan, written by the late, great Scott Joplin...
It takes a while to get your right hand finger tips to harden up, especially 3rd & 4th, have patience it will come.



My name is Richard Newport
I am 36 years old
I was born in Harrogate
North Yorkshire.

I began playing classical guitar at the age of 13 progressing to electric guitar at 15. My first influences were rock guitarists, JAKE.E.LEE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, PAUL GILBERT and CHRIS IMPELLITTERI… At age of 17 I formed my first serious a.o.r/hardrock band named, AMBITION, playing mainly original material in and around local pubs and clubs in the northern area, with our last gig at the duchess of York in Leeds.

During the next few years I increased my practise time and began listening to fusion guitar players, especially ALLAN HOLDSWORTH and SHAWN LANE, which in turn led me to saxophone players, JOHN COLTRANE and SONNY ROLLINS and jazz and bebop music, at the same time I still enjoyed rock players like JOHN SYKES, TONY MACALPINE, GEORGE LYNCH. I then played in various musical projects and gained a lot of live experience.

At the age of 20 I applied for and was accepted at G.I.T (Guitar Institute of Technology) at M.I (Musicians Institute) in Hollywood, California, during this time I played a non stop 24 hr guitarathon and was awarded a centenary grant and a certificate in recognition of outstanding ability by the mayor of Harrogate for my guitar playing, which helped me raise school tuition fees. After much saving and up to 14 hours a day practice sessions, I was ready move out to Los Angeles, at this time I was 22.

During my attendance at G.I.T, I played in various local rock bands, and to note I auditioned for OZZY OSBOURNE and popular hard rock band XYZ. I also deepened my love for fusion and jazz, studying privately with such guitar legends as FRANK GAMBALE, SCOTT HENDERSON, BRETT GARSED and JOE DIORIO and began teaching privately, with my own students from Japan, America and Europe. I graduated in September 1994 and stayed on for a few more years, where I applied and developed my playing and teaching abilities.

In December 1996 I was offered a guitar teaching position in a music lyceum in northern Italy. Due to the ever-dying rock scene in Los Angeles, I accepted the offer and moved there in January 1997. For the next eight years I taught in almost every music school in the Milan area, having a total of over 60 individual students. During this time I formed various bands and projects in particular a a.o.r/hard rock band named TYNDALE, who received national reviews from both, FLASH and METAL SHOCK rock magazines, for our two original song demos, recorded between 1999 and 2001 and PROBLEM CHILD (the official Italian AC/DC, Bon Scott tribute band) touring the southern part of Switzerland. I sang and played lead guitar in both bands. I also collaborated with heavy metal vocalist ROB ROCK (M.A.R.S project, Impellitteri) for his second (r.o.c) solo album and played in my own original fusion band named PROTO COSMOS. In April of 2004 I formed another hard rock band named WILDSIDE, who played at the TRADATE IRON FEST (the second biggest rock and metal festival of Italy), where we supported bands, such as PINK CREAM 69, GOTTHARD, SAXON and DIO.

I have recently moved back to England and I am currently teaching for the Harrogate school of music, and am in the process of forming various musical projects ranging from jazz to rock. In December of 2005 I was touring with BLAZE BAILEY (Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden) as stand in/session guitarist on his latest Blood and Belief European tour.I am currently a Crimson Guitar user and endorser.

My future goals are to work as an international session guitarist, continue working towards an a.o.r/hardrock major or independent recording contract and hopefully be part of the worlds guitar scene.

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