Fusion Shred

I'm very pleased to have James Murphy as guest columnist at the site. Be sure to check back for release information about James' upcoming instructional release for CFH!

Man, I really love Allan Holdsworth... too bad I can't play like him. But here's a fun lick that's based on the "fusion friendly" Augmented Arpeggio. This little lick is a sneak peak at one of the licks on my upcoming CFH CD-Rom instructional disc (sorry, no clever title yet). Just follow the fret hand fingerings and the pickstroke markings in the tab/notation below, and be sure to practice along with the slow (120bpm) version for a good while before moving on to practice with the full speed (220 version) and you will soon be tearing this lick up.

It's a fairly standard "shredder" sweep pattern with a quick tap thrown in for a little extra extension.. otherwise, the only other notable thing is that my fingering suggestion shows that the move from the G# on the 13th fret, G string to the C on the 13th fret, B string is to be performed with a "walk-over" technique, rather than by barring a finger across the two notes as many players will often do in these type of sweeps. Try to master the "walk-over" as opposed to just falling back on the "bar" technique.. it may open up some new, fertile ground for fingering ideas for you elsewhere. Just study the fingering markings in the TAB if you are unsure what I mean by "walk-over".

Augmented arpeggios are symmetrical, much like Diminished arpeggios are, and any of it's notes could be the root of the arpeggio. To find which note is actually the root of the arpeggio, look and listen to the keyboard pad in the backing track. it is holding down an E augmented triad (E G# C), thus indicating E as the root note.

I hope you enjoy getting this lick down and up to speed... much more to come on the CD-Rom!!

~James Murphy

slow normal