Paganini Caprice

Hello everyone!

First, It's a great pleasure to get involved at the site (thanks, Chris). Here is a Paganini caprice transcription for electric guitar. I play it with sweep picking technique with "strong palm muting", and I change time value (triplets) in order to keep the same shape (I mean the same as original technique, "ricochet" from string 1 to 4 on violin equal to sweep from string 1 to 6 on guitar).

Good luck! I hope you enjoy it.

normal slow

My name is Marciniak Frederic, living in Bordeaux. I've played guitar since 1984. I listen to many many different styles of music: Rock, Pop, Electro, Hard, Metal, Death, Jazz, Fusion, New-Age, etc., but I especially like composers, from Hildegard von Bingen to Schnittke, Arvo Part, C. Halffter, P. Boulez, etc., etc. (too lmany to mention here). I also play bass guitar and piano, but not technical pieces (Lizst, Chopin, etc) only Bach's pieces, anyway...You can check out some other Paganini examples at my site:

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