1st Column

Hi there!!!

My name is Carlos Lozano. I'm the guitar player from Persefone. Here you have the explanation of "Truth Inside the Shades" guitar solo from our first album. This solo involves string skipping arpeggios, sweep picking, and some tapping/legato stuff. The tab doesn't mark my guitar affination (My guitar's tuned one whole tone down) and doesn't explain the initial and ending part of the solo.

I'm glad of take part in this fantastic site surrounded by such great and amazing guitar players.

I want to say thanks to the guys from Persefone and my very friend Jean-Do Leonelli for telling me about this site.

If you want to know more about the band, you can visit our site http:/ We are now recording the secound album and it sounds... METAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))). We are updating news quite every week in the "Core's Diary" blog.


Carlos Lozano

PS: I really think Shane Gibson is kinda Alien!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!! :))