Toni Lloret

Some Shred Licks

Hello again, it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to my fourth column for CFH and I again thank you for checking it out. This time I present three shred licks, so that you can take some new idea out of all this, I hope.

The first lick is a pentatonic phrase with string skipping, but I don't use up strokes, I use the middle finger.

Hybrid picking:

The second lick is a simple legato idea in Amaj, but I combine groups of 6 with groups of 8 in the time. Use a metronome or drum machine for this.

Amaj Legato: (all legato)

The third example is an atonal lick with augmented arpeggios. I use stretching & string skipping. Use the idea with other arpeggios.

Augmented arpeggios:

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