Alan Lennon

Triple Tappin' Turdy Topper

Thanks for checking out my 2nd lesson on Chops from Hell.

Even though I named this piece Triple Tappin' Turdy Topper there are no triple taps, rather just one tap followed by 2 hammer-ons. I just think in terms of triple notes. This lesson is going to basically be an endurance piece which will be great for people who either want to strengthen their pinky or improve their left/right hand co-ordination and also test their memory power. There's not much to it really, but remember to warm up before bursting into it. Also use just the 1st and 4th finger on your fret hand. Even the more advanced players should find this a challenge to keep going from start to finish. Although it will be just as beneficial and even better sounding at a moderate rather than quick tempo.

Have fun.

Alan Lennon is 24 years old, from Bagenalstown, Ireland, and has been playing guitar for 8 years. His main influences are Greg Howe, Shawn Lane, Jeff Beck, Marty Friedman, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Jason Becker.

He is currently recording his first album "Heavens Call" which he hopes to have finished by the end of summer 2002.

He was featured in the "Guitar9 Undiscovered" in February 2001. Be sure to visit Alan's website @