Maurício Lavenčre

E Mixolydian Arpeggio

In this first lesson, I wanna talk about the world of arpeggios. Arpeggios, as you should know, have the same structure as chords, but when we are playing arpeggios, we play the notes sucessively, not simultaneously.

This time, we are going to play an E Mixolydian arpeggio. It has the root, major third, fourth, fifth, and minor seventh. The fourth is just an ornament, to make it sound prettier. This arpeggio will sound very good over an E7 chord, E7sus4 chord or in the E blues - dorian concept. To those who doesn't know the blues - dorian stuff, it's easy; you play the blues minor scale mixed with the dorian mode, so we get this scale:

Root, major second, minor third, fourth, flatted fifth (the blue note), fifth, major sixth and the minor seventh. It sounds really good in rock/blues stuff.

Using E as the root, we got these notes:

E F# G A Bb B C# D

The little numbers on the staff are the fingers I use to play it, the symbols under the Tab are the picking pattern I recommend.

So, let's do it!!!

I hope you enjoy my first Guitar Stuff!!

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See ya next time!!!

Mauricio Lavenčre