Pointing Fingers

OK, here's yet another of my little columns, hopefully you find them of use. Again, what I'm trying to do is merely present a concept that you could run with, so be sure to take the ideas that I'm presenting, and use them with whatever tonality you're into, OK? Be sure to practice with a metronome, and try really hard to be able to use the ideas spontaneously, as opposed to some big long winded opus sort of thing… heh I think people are sick of that, but hey, whatever floats your boat!

Figure 1 is a sequence, pedaling off of a couple of notes on the B string, and crossing over to the high E. I've given you a few of the patterns pertaining to the A harmonic minor scale, and played 'em twice… They sound pretty cool at a fast clip… Be sure to take the idea to all of your strings, and in all directions, OK? It'll really give you some cool improvisational ammo…

Figure 2 Is an extension of the same sequence. This time, we've just drawn it out, so as to nail the 5th in the bottom, there… This one sounds cool when played “everywhere” as well, so be sure to really take it for a ride… I've left the rest for you to sort of figure it out, so have fun with it! (Make Yngwie proud!)

Figure 3 Is a direct George Lynch rip-off that just sounds furious, there's a kind of A minor/A harmonic minor tonality going on here, and it really sounds cool played fast… I like the notes to sort of ring out as a quick chord when I play it, but hey, knock yourself out, play it whatever way sounds good to you. Again, be able to move this one around within a key, all strings, as many positions as possible, OK?