Terrifying Groove And Triplet Rhythm

Open Hammer Pluck:

This is a technique which a lot of bass players such as Victor Wooten, Bill Dickens usually use it. In previous licks I did "Open, Hammer, Thumb, Pluck", here you just have to not do the thumb and play instead ghost notes, so it makes a triplet rythm. This is a simple use of the technique, it's to you to experiment with the use of this technique. Enjoy!

Open Hammer Thumb Pluck Groove:

This is an application of the technique I gave you in the first column, but I also add a complication with hitting and plucking the same string (D and G strings here). It's a little bit difficult at the beginning but after some paractiving it becomes easier.

Up and Down Slap:

Ok here's a bit more difficult technique in which I use my thumb like a pick. I do down and up strokes with it. Your goal is to let all the notes ring. Don't be afraid before doing this to practice playing only one note with your thumb such as an open A. Try to make the notes ring clearly in order to play the exercise correctly. I've added the index to pluck the string. It's nearly the same exercise as "Open, Hammer, Pluck" because it's a triplet rhythm also, and it's again to you incorporate the use of this technique.

the following bio material provided by Marc Johnson

I was born in 1981. I began playing bass for 5 years. Last year I entered a French college of music in Jazz section. I play in a prog' metal band called Veda ( wich we just recorded a demo CD. And now I give bass lessons in France in a city called Toulouse. My main influences are: Michael Manring, Victor Wooten, Robert Trujillo, TM Stevens, John Patitucci, Stanley Clarke, Richard Bona, Dominique Di Piazza...but I try not to hear only bassists so I have as influences too: Ron Thal, Matthias Eklundh, Greg Howe, Joh Petrucci, Bela Fleck, Terry Bozzio, Dave Weckl, etc...
My instruments are:
- a Musicman Stingray 4 strings
- a yamaha 6 strings J. Patitucci model
I have a website: and soon you could find some licks in it.
Keep the bass and have fun.
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