Ultimate Pentatonic Tapping for Bass

Here is yet another way to tap pentatonic patterns on the bass. I recently started throwing my third finger on my tapping hand in while practicing and I ended up coming up with this new technique. I think it's a great way to fly around. Now instead of the previous 3 note per string pentatonic tapping, you get that 3rd finger in there flying around, tapping and pulling off. It is more of a “4 note flurry” feel.

In this video I move up chromatically from F#, to G, then ending in A flat. The tab example is the first position which is F#. The video lick moves this big lick sequence up chromatically position wise. Thanks and keep practicing!


the following bio material provided by Kyle Honea

I started playing bass when I was 17, influenced heavily by Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee (and the inspirational lyrics of Neil Peart). I became motivated to practice for hours on end, always trying to better my fingers. By the time I was 19, I had landed a "spotlight column" feature in the May '92 issue of Guitar Player magazine.


Ominous Guitarists From The Unknown - "Mercury Bath" ('91)
Derek Taylor's Dystrophy - "Ain't Got No Use For It" ('94)
Scot Stine's Broke - " Hey Lejato" ('94)
A couple of tracks on Guitars On The Edge CDs - ('91-'93)

I must also mention that Carvin was kind enough to endorse me for a couple of years ('92-'94). So where have I been since '94? I returned to being a musician a year and a half ago. My bass slept for 5 and a half years! Laughed at by time, tricked by circumstances. So now I'm back and I hope you'll enjoy some of my playing.

For my current instrumental project, I am attempting to enlist virtuoso drummer Robin Qubty. My new musical project is in full-swing, however, I am constantly writing and introducing new ideas into my compositions. Maintaining my technique takes a lot of time also. Keeping the moving parts, moving! I currently play a 4 string custom bass, and I love GHS medium gauge strings. My amplification remains Peavey. I have no official endorsements. My string gauge is:

G - .050
D - .070
A - .85
E - .105