2 Note Shred Wonder

Hello and welcome,

Hello fellow shredders,

Welcome to my first column here at Chops From Hell. My name is Jeff Hernandez and I have been playing guitar for over 20 years. I am a self taught guitarist with tons of band and teaching experience. I am currently working on my new band called CREOPHAGY which is a death metal band and we have signed to a independent label called COMATOSE MUSIC. We are still in the writing process for our first CD. Since I am a shred guitarist I will be puttting a lot of shreddy guitar riffs and solos in our music. If interested in what's going on with this band you can e-mail me here: or check out our myspace page at

In this lesson I would like to show you some 2 note per string runs that can be just as effective as doing 3 note per string runs. You end up repeating the same 2 notes a couple of times but they are just 2 notes that you end up repeating per string. It ends up sounding like you are doing more then what you really are when played up to speed.

Ex. 1 is decending run that I came up with many years ago. It starts with a hammer on and pull off, then pick the notes above the hammer on and pull off through out the lick.

Ex. 2 is a diminished lick that takes the same approach picking wise as in ex. 1.

Hope you enjoy it.