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Hi Everyone,

I've been asked off and on about some of the 'sweep-sounding' things that I occassionally do in my solos. The truth is, I really don't use the sweeping technique very much... a few small ditties here and there, and that's about it. What you're actually hearing is a combination of hammer-ons and pull-offs; usually playing across an arpeggiated shape that outlines a particular chord voicing.

Here's a brief example using a simple C Major Arpeggio in 3 octaves... It DOES require some serious left hand dexterity, but the right paw has it pretty easy for the most part. However, I would definitely suggest starting with an up-stroke for the first note in each phrase, and then using a down-stroke for the last note in each phrase... This just seems to be more comfortable on the paws for some reason - But feel free to experiment for yourself. - Howard

Lick #1 - MP3

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This is an excerpt from the Book & CD "Metal Guitar" - Similar
licks, riffs, and ideas can also be found in the "Technique" Book & CD lesson.

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Howard Hart - Brief Bio

Howard has been writing, recording, and teaching in the world of guitar for many years. His initial demo "Fatigue Free" caught the attention of John Stix at Guitar Magazine, who promptly signed Howard to the Guitar Recordings label. After contributing two cuts to the "Burnin'" CD, he also provided a track for the "Guitar On The Edge" CD Vol.1/No.4, which can now be found newly remixed and remastered on his own "Dancing Madly Backwards" release.

Howard has appeared in Guitar Magazine, Guitar World, and Guitar Player; as well as Southern California's BAM and Mean Street publications. Along with creating his unique brand of instrumental guitar music, he is also the creator and founder of HHGI Guitar Instruction, which has quickly become recognized as one the most innovative and forward thinking in its field - He has literally given personal correspondence lessons to students from all over the world!

In 1999 Howard released "Mind Grind" - a unique blend of high energy rock meets scorching emotional ballads and over-the-top fusion... The track "Crying Hunger" quickly climbed to the top of MP3.COM's instrumental rock charts; enjoying an extended stay and becoming one of the most popular songs of 1999! In November of 2000 it once again jetted to the top of the charts, along with several other songs in his catalog.

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