"Joshua Hammond - Niccolo Paganini's 24 Caprices: Opus 1
For Electric Guitar" CD Rom Sampler

Joshua Hammond's new multi-format instructional release "NICCOLO PAGANINI's 24 CAPRICES: OPUS 1 - FOR ELECTRIC GUITAR" Available for the first time for electric guitar, all 24 Caprices by Niccolo Paganini. The Caprices are presented in both notation and tablature for solo electric guitar, all in standard tuning, and in the original violin voicings. Now the electric guitarist can truly be influenced by Paganini-not merely in the knowing that he played fast, but by the way he played: the expressions he used, the voicings he preferred, his modes of thought on variations, his use of arpeggios, his integrations of diminished phrases, chromatics, etc.

The 24 Caprices also present a wide array of technical challenges ranging from string-skipped chords, fretboard length hand-shifts, and thirty-second note double-stops, to two-hand tapped arpeggios, high E to low E string-skipping, the retention of Paganini's single string soloing, and all that the most difficult violin virtuoso music in the world has to offer. The following example is taken from the CD Rom format (check out the link above for more details)...