HI folks, and welcome to my first column here at CFH. My name is Matthew Hale and I am a twenty year old student at Western Kentucky University studying anthropology and folkstudies with a paticular intrest in ethnomusicology. I have been playing guitar for four years, three of which I taught as a profession, and finally I have decided to give the whole column thing a shot. Hope you like it.

This first lick is pretty straight forward... use legato throughout the lick and watch out for wide stretches if you are unfamiliar with them. Start slow and work your way up.

The second lick is a little more interesting. Legato is used again but it is accompanied by string skipping and a little tapping. Good times.

Finally, this last lick is a simple pattern that moves across the fingerboard as it ascends and descends. This lick is pretty interesting and sounds kinda cool.

Well, that was fun for me. Hope you guys and gals enjoyed this little tid bit o' simple but useful legato licks.