Psychotic Episodes of Video Eye Candy, Part 2

Welcome to my thirteenth column at the world's greatest guitar site, “Chops From Hell”!!!! This site has really grown, and I am always very proud to be associated with such great innovators in the modern online guitar revolution. I also have a new email address: Drop me a line anytime.

In a previous column, I had shown a little sample of my playing by way of video. I wanted to expand on this now by giving you ideas on what many more of you should be doing by now (if you already haven't) to expose yourself even further online. With the explosion of sites like You Tube, Google, My Space, etc. the possibilities are really quite endless.

Think about it; back when I began playing guitar in the 70's, we were limited only to the audiences we could play in front of live within local driving reach. Growing up in a small town like I did, that left things like national and international exposure out of the question. Yes, there were the audio demos that could be snail-mailed anywhere in the world; but I think people as a whole have always wanted to be able to see what we as musicians can do. This has always made it much harder for musicians to work jobs and play out beyond their local area without spending thousands of dollars to do so.

But, just watch the news lately. Left and right, there are these unknown people now popping up on national news programs just because of a video clip they posted on You Tube. Not only are they gaining instant recognition for it; but, sometimes, even getting offered lucrative deals through it. Never overlook a way to take your wood-shedding out of the woodshed and out into the public eye. You can learn and benefit immensely from the criticism, and maybe even find the people searching constantly for the talent you have to offer them.

Below are several links to videos I have posted on You Tube to bring a whole new audience to not only my shredding abilities, but to the many different styles that I am able to play. I hope these will inspire you to do the same. It's a great free way to create a buzz very quickly. Enjoy, and I'll see you next time!!!!

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