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Finger Independence and picking Synchronization

Michael Gargiulo of Project Finster

As a lead guitarist, my ultimate goal is to get to the point where, while improvising over a given chord progression, I will be able to play almost any phrase or lick that comes to mind, or that my fingers decide they want to play. Two areas that I've focused on in recent months, finger independence and picking synchronization, have greatly improved my ability to do this.

The first two exercises are ones that I frequently use to warm up and get the fingers feeling independent. The first one is chromatic and in no specific key. The second is in Emin.
Chromatic Legato

Clip of chromatic legato pattern

Emin pattern

Clip of Emin pattern

Remember to play these at a speed that allows the notes to be clean and even in tempo, and move your metronome up 8 bpm at a time until you reach your speed threshold.

I use the following two licks while warming up to focus on picking synchronization.
Chromatic picking pattern

Clip of chromatic picking pattern

Emin picking pattern

Clip of Emin pattern

To hear Project Finster, please visit Project Finster is a guitar instrumental band from the CT area. Project Finster is made up of two people, Michael Gargiulo and Sonny Parlin. Both have been playing guitar for over 13 years and both have similar influences. Michael has been playing guitar for about 14 years. Self-taught, except for a few local lessons, his influences include Greg Howe, Marty Friedman, Steve Morse, Kee Marcello, and Tony MacAlpine. Michael's song-writing influences include anything that catches his ear, whether it be a classical piece, a heavy metal tune, or music from a videogame. He continually strives to improve his playing technically and melodically. Michael has released one CD prior to Finster which was given glowing reviews by Guitar Nine Records. Michael has played in various bands in CT including "Extreme Caution", and "Hocus Pocus".