Arpeggio Licks

I would like to present some of my favourite arpeggio licks here! I hope that you will enjoy my mini guitar school and you will like my music. If you want to know more about me, please go to

Lick 1. This one is really melodic and catchy (like everything that I play) so you will like it! Here it is:

Lick 2. This is a short one but I play it really often when I improvise. It's fast and cool so check it:

Lick 3. Here's the one!! It seems to be easy but if you want to play it good you have to control every finger! Play it slow first, than try it faster!

Lick 4. This short lick is an excerpt from Paganini's 1st Caprice. I know that this is very short lick but it shows one of my many favorite arpeggio runs. Enjoy!

I hope that you liked this short demonstration and you will wait for the next part with pleasure, heheh!


Michael Gapys