Sweep Dreams

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Hello again! First I would like to thank Chris at Chops from Hell for having me back. Thanks bud.

In this lesson I would like to cover one of my approaches to sweep sequenced arpeggios. This excerpt is taken from the acoustic free style solo that I do in the tune "Visions and Dreams". Technically I'm using a combination of sweep picking and pull-offs to execute this lick. Refer to the chart for pick direction etc...

Sweep Sequenced Arpeggios

Level: Advanced

Written by Derryl Gabel

Harmonically I'm using arps from Eflat melodic minor over the Bflat 7 #5/D chord. The arps are Cm7, Aflat7, Fm7, and Dm7flat5. Over the EflatM7flat5 chord I'm using the B diminished arp. Now don't let that confuse you. You might be thinking (diminished arp over a M7flat5 chord? This guy is nuts!) Well, I'm hearing the EflatM7flat5 chord as the upper extention of an F13#9flat5 chord. Over the Fm/M7flat5 I finish up the B diminished arp and then go into the Em7flat5flat9 arp which both can be found in the Fm/M7flat5 scale. I end the lick by landing on the A note which is the seventh of the BflatM7flat5. chord. To get more mileage out of this lesson analyze how the notes of the solo fit with the chords. Have fun!

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Derryl Gabel was born in 1970 and has been playing guitar since the age of 15. Derryl was featured on the 1992 George Lynch solo CD "Sacred Groove." Derryl beat out several other guitarists in a contest to win this coveted opportunity. He was also featured on the 1994's "Guitar on the Edge #4" performing "Blue Fingers." In 1995 Derryl's "Nathaniel" (later renamed "Song For Jessie") was featured on "Guitar on the Edge #5".

Magazines which have covered Derryl's music include: "Guitar World" Sept. '90 (page 124), "Guitar for the Practicing Musician" May 1992 (page 168), and again in "G..P..M" Oct 1992 (page 11) and in Oct 1993 (pages 93 & 150)

Derryl is excited about the release of his new CD entitled "Visions and Dreams".

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