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In this first lesson, Iíll talk about some basic things that for me are fundamental for a good and precise shredding!

One of the most important break thought of my guitar study was when I started with classical guitar. By that time I was playing Guitar for over 6 years, but I must say, my true development happened with the classical study.

The position of hands and body in the classical guitar has been developed thru centuries, and as our electrical instrument is but an evolution of the old acoustic one thereís real relation going between then.

Notice that in the past years, the number of guitar players using this approach has grown a lot, and that is for one reason: it works.

The start:

Why classical guitar is used on the left leg, instead of the right one (if you play with your left hand on the fret board)? - Because that simple position, plus the right angle for fret board, puts you in a perfect position to fully use the instrument, and it helps a lot so you can use your left hand in a very productive position

Your thumb would be best located when itís in the middle of the fret board, and not showing at all from the top edge.

Your other 4 fingers, that do the playing, should always touch the string with the tip, not letting it touch the other strings. Also, your fingers should always be curved, the help in this position you should also give a little angle in you left hand, so the 4th finger comes closer to the fret board.

And finally, the palm of the hand must never form an angle with the bottom edge of the fret board, they should be always parallel.

This left hand approach helped me a lot in my playing, and you can use it in the traditional right leg position for the guitar as well, it only gets a little harder to make your hand remain in position.

With these two basic exercises youíll have the first toll to improve your left hand position.

Do it real slowly, this is to teach your hand how to do it, not to speed on it.
Do not let you finger move too far away from the fret board once you release then.
These two exercises are based on the first position, but it would be a good idea To play it in many different places... Specially in the higher part of the fret board.

Hope this will help your shredding!!!!

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