The Seventh

Hello to all,
this column is based on the legato playing used for 7 strings guitar. The examples show some combinations of fingers to use during the playing of this technique and (I hope) it can help you to use all your left hand fingers in the same way. I really hope you'll enjoy it!

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Ex. 01 - Alternate Picking/Legato Playing with 1,2,4 finger
The first exercise is a 'F# minor' sequence played with 3 fingers of your left hand,
(first, second and third). At the end of the scale you can find 2 notes played by
tapping T2 and T3 on E string and again one tapping note on B string.

Ex. 02 - Alternate Picking/Legato Playing with 1,3,4 finger
This second one is a 'B minor' sequence and it is like the first but in this case use the first,
the third and the fourth finger of your left hand. I think it is important to use all the fingers
at the same level, for this reason I can advice you to practice in this way.

Ex. 03 - Alternate Picking/Legato Playing
The third exercise is a 'E major' scale played by legato again with a tapping note at the end
of the scale before playing it again. In this exercise you can combine the exercise one
and two because you are using all your fingers of the left hand.

Ex. 04 - Alternate Picking/Legato Playing
A 'D major' sequence based 4 notes per strings positions.

Ex. 05 - Alternate Picking/Legato Playing
A legato exercise with string skipping and tapping with T2 and T3.

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