Eight Finger Tapping

This lesson will be based on the eight-finger tapping technique. Eight-finger tapping is accomplished by using your right hand as an extension of your left, allowing you to play fast, fluid legato lines that would be impossible to play with standard technique. When I eight-finger tap I pull-off with my right hand towards the low E-string but this technique can also be accomplished by pushing your fingers outward toward the high E as well.

Example 1: This is a simple lick designed to help you gain strength in the fingers of your right hand.

Example 2: This lick uses six fingers to go down the neck. When played quickly it has a smooth legato sound reminiscent of Steve Vai.

Example 3: Another simple eight-finger lick. When going up and down the neck I find it more comfortable to use six fingers, but sometimes I use eight. To me eight finger tapping is most effective when used on a single string or with string skipping.

This column has barely scratched the surface of this technique, and although it difficult to accomplish, eight-finger tapping is a useful trick to pick up. If you have any questions about eight-finger tapping you can e-mail me at