Legato Arpeggios

Hi everybody! My name is Thomas Curtil. I play in a band called VEDA, a French prog metal band. Let's talk about arpeggios!

Lick 1 is basically an Em7 arpeggio with the perfect fourth on the high E string. So we have Em11 arpeggio. You'll use sweep picking, and of course begin to work on it very slowly.

For the second lick, we are in the key of G Major. We have a GM7 arpeggio (I M7) linked with an Am7 arpeggio (II m7). Am triad gives you the upper extensions of a GM7 chord: Am triad is A C E = 9 11 13 of G. We can play it over an Em Aeolian chord (so Em7, Em9, Em11). It's sound very good. Consider that GM7 =3 5 7 9 of E and Am7 contains 11 13 of E. Begin to work slowly.

Well, that's all. If you have any questions or comments, please mail me at You can also visit my band 's website (with tabs!) at :

the following bio material provided by Thomas Curtil

Thomas Curtil was born in 1974. He began to play guitar in 1992. At first influenced by blues guitar players like Buddy Guy and Albert Collins, his first guitar teacher reveals to him many others guitar masters like Steve Vai, Randy Rhoads, Joe Satriani, Joe Pass, Stanley Jordan, Tuck Andress...In 1996, he is a student of MAI (in Nancy, France). After this experience, he decided to continue on his own. His influences are Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe, Al Di Meola, Ron Thal, Robben Ford, Allan Holdsworth. Now he is a guitar teacher in Toulouse (France) and plays with VEDA, a Prog-Metal band influenced by DreamTheater, Pain Of Salvation and many others. Veda is currently looking for a record deal.