Legato & Tapping Techniques

I would just like to say thanks for the privilege of being a part of this brilliant site. I hope you find the following combination of legato and tapping techniques useful to your playing.

The first exercise is an ascending Cmaj7 (c, e, g and b) triplet sequence. The left hand is playing the fourth inversion of Cmaj7 (b, c, e and g). The right hand is playing the second inversion of Cmaj7 (e, g, b and c).

The second exercise is a sixteenth note sequence in the key of G major. The left hand is shifting between the A Dorian and B Phrygian modes. The right hand is playing notes from the E Aeolian mode.

The third exercise is a sixteenth triplet sequence. The left hand is playing an A minor pentatonic and the right hand is playing the same pattern a perfect fifth up.

The last one is a descending exercise using a combination of tapping and legato going through the modes of B Phrygian, A Dorian and G Ionian.




the following bio material provided by Ian Bushell

A bit about myself

I am 22 years old and come from Johannesburg South Africa. I have been playing for seven years and studied at the national school of arts in Johannesburg. My influences include Pagannini, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Tom Morello and Mike Einziger. I am currently in studio recording a solo project and the guitar parts for the band I play in EL CAMINO (P.I.N)