The Power Of Guitar Synthesizer

The Guitar Synthesizer is an incredible, powerful instrument that gives guitarists practically an unlimited amount of sounds to create and experiment with, as well as the ability to explore other musical areas and opportunities. Imagine a world of possibilities and opportunities that only certain other instruments have been able to enjoy: Film & Soundtrack music, Video & Computer game soundtracks, Sound Design, Electronic & Experimental music, Pursuing gigs emulating other instruments. It's a powerful tool indeed! Just ask Jeff Beck why he had Jennifer Batten on tour with him performing MIDI Guitar and reproducing all the keyboard parts off his albums!

The main thing to realize, however, is that even though Guitar Synth is played with guitar technique and can utilize the unique and expressive qualities of the guitar, such as string bending, hammer on's, fingerpicking, and 2 handed tapping, certain adjustments in technique need to be made in order to make things work and sound properly. Extreme string bending, and blistering fast picking ala Yngwie Malmsteen just isn't going to work with certain patches. The whole trick is to adapt your technique to the patch you're using, or the sound of the instrument you're trying to emulate.

Listen to as many non-guitar instruments as possible: Keyboards, Violins, Trumpets, Ethnic Instruments, even Bagpipes! Listen to how they phrase things, and what type of scales and melodic techniques they use. Shown below is a moveable major scale that can be used for technique practice. Try playing it all over the neck, try it slow, then fast. Try it with different types of phrasing. Even try throwing in chromatic and passing notes. Not only will this help with guitar synth technique, but it will help in your overall playing, and isn't that what it's all about?!

An audio sample of my song "Earth Voyage" that demonstrates some of what can be done with the guitar synth can also be heard at my mp3 website: along with my other music that utilizes guitar synth. "Earth Voyage" was done completely on Guitar Synth, with the exception of the classical guitar intro, and the opening guitar solo.

For more examples of guitar synth, check out the music of Pat Metheny, Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin, and Robert Fripp. There's an incredible musical world that guitarists can also be a part of!

Enjoy, and practice hard!