Pentatonics with Two Handed Tapping

This is my second column at Chops From Hell and I hope that you enjoyed my first one. In my first column I talked about two hand tapping using only three fingers of your right hand. It is a technique that I like very much and it gives you a big opportunity to create new sounds that would be impossible playing without tapping. At this time, I will apply this technique to the Pentatonic Scale, which is very useful in any style of music. Take a look at my first column to see the tab staff and let's go!!!

The first one is in the key of A minor and starts on the fifth fret with a pattern that repeats itself octaved at each eight note group. The note to be tapped will always be between two adjacent strings. When I play the C note at 20th fret on the first string, I change the pattern to go back. The descending pattern repeats itself octaved at each eight note group also, but this time we will always tap two notes on the same string.

fast slow

The second one is in the key of E minor and starts on the 12th fret with an E minor triad arpeggio. On the first string I play four notes with my left hand: root(E), b3(G), 11(A) and 5(B). At this point, I start using tapping. On the same string I tap the 22nd fret, adding a b7(D) to our arpeggio, and come back passing through every note that I played on this string. Now I hammer the D note on second string with my left hand's pinky, to start a pattern with two hand tapping, which sounds great.Take a look at it!!

fast slow

Remember to mute the strings that aren't been played while you play these licks. It is very important to make sure that your playing is clean and precise.

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