Arpeggios with Two Handed Tapping

First of all, I would like to thank Chris for inviting me to work in this so cool project, beside some well known and respected guitarists.

In this column I want to show one of my favorite techniques. It is a mixing of sweep picking arpeggios and tapping using two or three fingers of your right hand. This is a very difficult technique and you have to start practicing it very slowly to obtain a clean sound.

Above the tab Iım showing the picking and below the numbers of the left hand fingers. When you see a number inside a circle , it represents which finger on your right hand itıs to be used for tapping.

The first example starts with a G major 7 arpeggio, then I add 9(A) so then13(E). The next step is adding the major 3 and 5th, an octave higher, tapping with my middle (2) and pinky (4) finger, respectively.

fast slow

The second one starts with a sus 2/4 (root, 2 nd, 4th and 5 th) arpeggio with the root F. At the second part of the arpeggio, add 13 th and then, with my right hand, 3 diatonic notes (Bb, C, D ), with fingers 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

fast slow

Remember that when practicing the two examples, youıll have to mute the strings with your left hand index finger when you are tapping with your right hand.

I hope this examples work not only to develop technique but also to open some new sound possibilities, and help you to create music!!!

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