the hirajoshi scale

Hiya all. My name is Aapo and in this column we will cover some exercises using the aeolian scale
without the 4th and the 7th degree, also known as the Hirajoshi scale. This exotic scale was introduced by Marty Friedman and Jason Becker in the 80s, and examples can be found by listening to their band Cacophony and their solo recordings. This scale is just the natural minor scale without the 4th and 7th intervals. You can either memorize the new scale fingerings all over the neck or think of the aeolian scale and avoid the 2 notes. Here are some exercises, where everything should be executed by using alternate picking.

Practise this pattern slowly and gradually build up speed. A great exercise for 2-note-per-string stuff.

The next patterns of this same idea.

Arpeggio sounding idea.

A hirajoshi scale ascending in groups of three.

Hirajoshi arpeggio in the key of A.

Hirajoshi scale, descending in groups of three.

A picking exercise.

Simple pattern made of the hirajoshi scale on 2 strings.

Slight variation of the previous lick.

This can be played using tapping, legato or alternate picking.

String skipping.

String skipping # 2.

Descending groups of five.

Hope you liked my column, practise them all slowly, don't rush. If you want to visit my Jason Becker tribute page where you will find more lessons & tabs, go to A Tribute To Jason Becker. If you have any questions drop me a line to