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Marc Pattison's first instructional release at CFH! If you've heard any of Marc's playing, you already know that he is a monster guitarist! "MARC PATTISON - TAP MONSTER: LEVEL ONE" is an opportunity to gain insight to Marc's monster tapping technique. This CD extra includes the fully printable .pdf file containing the "TAP MONSTER" lesson, the accompanying audio examples for "TAP MONSTER: LEVEL ONE" played at normal, medium, and slow speeds, plus EIGHT compositions (yeah, that's right, a whole CD's worth) showcasing Marc's MONSTER TAPPING TECHNIQUE! The CD extra format from CFH now also includes a browser viewable interface of the lesson which allows direct access to all now you can print the lesson, listen to it in a normal CD player, or open it thru your web browser for instant access to any lick or track.

CD AUDIO TRACK LISTING (playable in an audio CD player):
1 - 8 : Compositions featuring Marc's MONSTER TAPPING TECHNIQUE:
"Wolverine Temper"
"The Rules"
"Mount Ruapaho"
"Last Shot"
"The Gladiator"
"Hurricane Patti"
"Look Ma, No Pick"
9 - 24: audio examples for the "TAP MONSTER: LEVEL ONE" lesson

CD ROM DATA TRACK LISTING (accessible in a CD Rom drive):
tapmonster1.pdf (for your printer)
TAP MONSTER: LEVEL ONE .html files and related content (for your web browser)

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