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Jaime Vendera - The Ultimate Vocal Workout

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Our first collection of 24 lessons gathered from the pages of Chops from Hell. Each lesson providing tips and insight to improve technique and understanding of the instrument, all for around a buck a lesson! Lessons include charts, tab, and audio. Here's a quick breakdown of what's included:

SPEED DEMON - focuses on developing speed & alternate picking - 7 lessons

DON'T FEAR THE SWEEPER - focuses on sweep picking - 4 lessons

  • Sweep Picking Vs. Alternate Picking
  • Arpeggios, Both Large And Small
  • Some Theory, Visualization Technique, And Five String Arpeggios
  • Combining Sweep Picking And Legato Technique

FRONTAL LEGATOMY - focuses on legato technique - 2 lessons

  • Single String Legato Exercises
  • Pickless Wonder

SHRED FROM THE DEAD - improving technique by way of classical masters - 2 lessons

  • Flight Of The Bumblebee
  • Canon In D

WIRE TAP - fret hand tapping - 1 lesson

  • Tap Basics

GENERAL THEORY PRIMERS - general info to get your brain up to speed - 8 lessons

  • Understanding Intervals
  • Tonality And Modal Development
  • Visualizing Modes
  • Modes And The Diatonic Arpeggio Connection
  • Triad Arpeggio Workshop
  • Pentatonic / Blues Scale Workshop
  • Major Scale Modal Workshop
  • Harmonic Minor Scale Modal Workshop

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