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As a guitar teacher and professional musician, I believe that nothing improves your timing, phrasing, and songwriting like backing rhythm jam tracks. However, many such products lack sufficient variation and are 10-15 years behind the times, which is of little or no use to modern metalheads.

Most products simply give you a repetitive chord vamp to play lead guitar over, which is exactly what modern metal tends to de-emphasize. The Groove Monster fills this void by specifically challenging you to play post-grunge, modern metal rhythms as well as lead. At the same time, these tracks can be used as a "shredder's delight" and will give you countless hours of 64th note pleasure.

The Groove Monster contains over 125 guitar riffs, all fully transcribed in standard notation and tablature! It also allows for extended soloing using the familiar minor pentatonics as well as whacked-out exotic scales like phrygian dominant, romanian and hungarian. A list of scales and patterns are provided for reference and scale recommendations are listed for every single riff on the CD. Tempos change and ramp, keys change, time signatures cascade back and forth, all with the most pile-driving metal sound you have ever heard in a rhythm track. All modern styles are covered. If other products you have tried sound "stiff," "vanilla" and uninspiring to you, the Groove Monster should do the job. Enjoy the metal Mayhem!


James Blackstock

Features include:
8 audio tracks
73 minutes running time approx.
72 page .pdf file

CD Rom section usage (The CD Rom portion of this CD EXTRA is accessible in a CD Rom drive): put the disc in a multi-session capable CD Rom drive to access the .pdf file containing the accompanying e book for "Groove Monster - Vol. 1" including full transcriptions, scale charts, rhythmic analysis, relevant theory and performance notes. (click here for a sample).

Audio CD section usage: pop this thing in an audio CD player to play along with and master the techniques of modern metal rhythms, and beginning to advanced level soloing.

JAMES BLACKSTOCK - GROOVE MONSTER VOLUME ONE - MODERN METAL: $20.00 (U.S.). Shipping not included - click here to see shipping rate information. All Chops From Hell online sales are handled thru PayPal. You can securely use most major credit cards (You do not need to have a PayPal account to place an order with a credit card). Alternatively, if you do have a PayPal account, you can place an order using it, or even place an order using an eCheck.